Key Elements of Office Decor

April 6, 2017 commercial design design Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors natural lighting office decor office design style guide

Majority of us have experienced working in an environment that was absolutely draining due to it’s effortless decor, fluorescent lights, or simply uninspiring energy. At IDF Studio, we pride ourselves on creating unique, inspiring, and inviting office spaces that will increase productivity for those working at the company. We took a few tips from one […]

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Style Guide: Modern Coffee Table Decor

March 27, 2017 design house plants Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors style guide table setting tabletop decor tabletop styling

Your coffee table is your center piece of your living room, so it deserves a sleek and carefully curated look. Often, your coffee table can become a space for entertaining with hors d’oeuvre, sharing wine with friends and family, or even just a beautiful table to hold essentials such as plants, books, and collectables. Either way, […]

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Spring Color Forecast

March 16, 2017 2017 color trends design greenery house plants Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors Sping Spring colors style guide trending

As we close out the cold and rainy Winter days, we’re starting to shift our brains to Spring forward. It’s time to open those blinds and let the fresh Spring breeze fill your home with sunlight. From colors that are vivid and fresh to those that remind us of being surrounded by nature, we can’t get enough […]

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Decorating with Geometric Patterns

March 10, 2017 design geometric patterns Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors style guide

You may have noticed geometric patterns are becoming quite the staple in interior design. However, working with patterns can often feel like somewhat of a challenge for some. Patterns are known to set the mood of a room, and if you’re not prepared for the outcome, it can often leave some stuck on what to […]

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Style Guide: Working with Jewel Tones

March 6, 2017 color scheme design emerald green fuchsia Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors jewel tones sapphire sapphire blue style guide

There is no denying that jewel tones are at the top of every 2017 trend list. These rich hues are coming in full throttle and we can’t get enough of them. One of our Noe Valley homes is the perfect example of how to incorporate these precious stones inside your home. Jewel Prints If you’re like […]

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How to Nail The Mixed-Metals Look

February 23, 2017 2017 design Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors metallic mixed metals natural wood style guide

If you think using metallic colors can be gaudy or gawky in your home decor proposal, think again. Using metallic tones and fixtures can add a touch of minimalistic elegance that creates a unique decorative presentation. The key word here: balance. Using mixed metals like steel, copper, or gold in your decor scheme can be […]

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Bold Artwork For Your Living Room

February 16, 2017 artwork design Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors living room art monochromatic style guide

Dare to be bold and give your living room some life with edgy artwork that expresses your keen sense of style. The living room is a space to be enjoyed, relished by you and your loved ones. Why not ensure it communicates all of your inner-most artistic taste? Check out these inspiring paintings to gather […]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for The Design Lovers

February 11, 2017 design gift guide holiday guide interior design interior styling interiors valentine Valentine's Day

From the sweetest kitchen essentials to the ultimate smell good, you can’t go wrong with any of these selections this Valentine’s Day for your design obsessed date. These heart shaped coffee spoons are the perfect touch of love for any coffee lover. Made by Miriam Mirri and are available to shop here. Adorned with Kelly Wearstler’s […]

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Styling Your Home Like a Parisian

January 27, 2017 design holiday party decor Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors monochromatic parisian

Paris is known for it’s luxurious and timeless style that combines class, craftsmanship, and sophistication. That Haussmannian finish with high ceilings and moldings highlights the elegance of Parisian interior design. Those irresistible French interiors can be difficult to duplicate in contemporary American settings but are certainly not out of reach if you follow a simple […]

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Designing with Pantone’s Color of The Year: Greenery

January 19, 2017 2017 color of the year color scheme design greenery home decor Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors pantone

When we think of design, our first thought is never, “hey, let’s paint the living room green”. We tend to fall towards more contemporary, safe colors like black, white, or a neutral palette. But remember this, it’s your home and you have creative freedom to get as wild as you’d like. Arguably the most soothing […]

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