Key Elements of Office Decor

April 6, 2017 commercial design design Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors natural lighting office decor office design style guide

Majority of us have experienced working in an environment that was absolutely draining due to it’s effortless decor, fluorescent lights, or simply uninspiring energy. At IDF Studio, we pride ourselves on creating unique, inspiring, and inviting office spaces that will increase productivity for those working at the company. We took a few tips from one of our favorite office projects to provide you with a little insight for your next office renovation

Understand the Culture


Building on the winning formula where conference rooms resemble real-world Airbnb rentals, Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters shines by incorporating local flavor and worldwide energy. For each conference room we decided to pick a different theme. Working in the same space can often drain your creativity so we choose to provide the members of the Airbnb team with multiple conference rooms that each spoke their own language, thus inspiring new ideas in each space.

Bright, Bold, and Energizing


Bold interiors and bright natural light is the key to an energizing workspace. We took into consideration which rooms had the best views, and from there we decided how to incorporate the view within the design. This recreated apartment from Milan, Italy sits aside the 445,000 square-foot office building’s light-filled interior atrium making it a great space to come in, inhale the view, and exhale new ideas.



Clutter is possibly our worst enemy. The key to productivity in any office space is having room to breath. Your office kitchen should not be where your employees go to take a creative break, and your desk area should not be where your employees are expected to eat. Having an established area for working, eating, collaborating, and just a moment to breath is essential in office design.

Don’t limit your employees, instead think of how your workspace impacts the culture and creativity of those within your company. The more motivating your environment is, the more motivated your employees will be. If you’re looking to revamp your office decor, email us at: