Bold Artwork For Your Living Room

February 16, 2017 artwork design Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors living room art monochromatic style guide

Dare to be bold and give your living room some life with edgy artwork that expresses your keen sense of style. The living room is a space to be enjoyed, relished by you and your loved ones. Why not ensure it communicates all of your inner-most artistic taste? Check out these inspiring paintings to gather some ideas on how to make any living space transcend its walls and become an experience.


Minimalist and Natural

A cloud in the sky, the simplest of statements for the natural dreamer. This is an example of how to combine the simplicity of minimalist art with the natural beauty. Set against a rustic or modernist style living room, this large piece would look great on anyone’s wall. Not into clouds? Try a minimal still life with monochromatic colors.


Abstract Expressionist in Vibrant Color

Do you like the vast, intricately brushed paintings of abstract expressionists? Maybe you do not have the budget for a Mark Rothko or a Picasso, but here we have a great example of how a vibrant red-orange can change the dynamic of your living spaces. These over-sized canvases capture a mood and transport you to another dimension.


Music and Art

Bob Dylan sang songs to change the world. So who wouldn’t want a chic portrait of the famous folk artist hanging on their wall? Either in photograph or brushed, express your affinity towards the musical arts with a daring portrait of your favorite artist. A huge John Coltrane, for example, could add a touch of sophistication and playfulness to your living room.


Popular Culture

Edgy, daring, and bold- graffiti art brings the urban back into our daily lives. Capture a bit of that essence with a segmented painting with similar color schemes and canvas sizes. This piece shows us just how cool one can be, all the while having a modest decor scheme in the living room.


Sketchy and Cool

We love sketches. With their raw look and feel, they seem to capture an emotional element of art as expressive and unfinished, constantly in motion. Here we have a duet in sketch, a pair of large canvases and nothing but an artist and his charcoal. This sort of art speaks to a person and shows the process and procedure of artistic formation. It looks incredible in a modern- style living room with a gray color scheme.

Always remember that art is not only a personal experience but also should be shared as an intimate element of your being. When you find yourself asking whether a piece of artwork is worth the price, consider the value of creating a space to be together.  The value is never in the paint, charcoal or canvas, but in the overwhelming feelings art brings to its audience.