Decorating with Geometric Patterns

March 10, 2017 design geometric patterns Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors style guide

You may have noticed geometric patterns are becoming quite the staple in interior design. However, working with patterns can often feel like somewhat of a challenge for some. Patterns are known to set the mood of a room, and if you’re not prepared for the outcome, it can often leave some stuck on what to do next. At IDF Studio, we have a deep relationship with patterns and felt we wanted to share some of our tips we’ve gathered from working with different patterns over the years. Today in particular, we’re talking all things geometric.


When going for a geometric wallpaper, we highly suggest really studying the space to gather a good understanding of how to balance it out. It’s very important to carefully plan out the use of geometric wallpaper so that the room is breathable and not cluttered. We’ve all walked into a space that was completely over powered with patterns and it can definitely feel somewhat overwhelming if it’s not done right. Start with an accent wall and see how you feel.


If you’re like us, you love artwork. Let the geometrics pop in a stunning frame against a white wall. Minimal spaces are a great place to showcase your love for geometric patterns. Hang them above your desk, above your couch in the living room, or even get funky and use it as bathroom decor.


If you want to ease your way into pattern play, accessorizing will most likely be your best option. From pillows, to rugs, to vases, let the geometrics steal the show with the perfect little details. As we’re sure you’ve heard, the details don’t make the design they are the design.

Geometric patterns are abstract and beautiful. When used correctly, they bring vibrancy and life to your designs. Don’t be scared of these bold patterns, they are an incredibly useful tool and really grab people’s attention.