Designing with Pantone’s Color of The Year: Greenery

January 19, 2017 2017 color of the year color scheme design greenery home decor Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors pantone

When we think of design, our first thought is never, “hey, let’s paint the living room green”. We tend to fall towards more contemporary, safe colors like black, white, or a neutral palette. But remember this, it’s your home and you have creative freedom to get as wild as you’d like. Arguably the most soothing hue to the human eye, green extraordinarily lends both personality and peacefulness to a space. Green is everywhere. It’s the most common color in the natural world, and we’re here today to show you different ways to incorporate this year’s color of the year, greenery, in every room.


Starting with the entryway, for those who like very clean, minimal decor try incorporating a little pop of color with your front door. What better way to greet your guests than with a refreshing green welcome.


Accessories are another great way to bring some color into a room. From solid to geometric patterns, a lovely rug will perfectly compliment your dining room decor. The color green is always stylish when paired with a neutral or light brown palette.


Green is your go to for accent walls this year. It not only inspires the room, but it rejuvenates and brings life into the room. We love the idea of using this color scheme for your bedroom because this new year we want you to wake up feeling refreshed everyday.


Kitchen decor at its finest. We’re all advocates for fresh flowers and indoor plants, and the green details in your kitchen will only accentuate the beauty of outdoor life. A green island and lower cabinets is just the right amount of green to keep your kitchen on trend for the new year.

Greenery is nature’s neutral, and you shouldn’t hesitate to bring the outdoors in this year!