How to Nail The Mixed-Metals Look

February 23, 2017 2017 design Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors metallic mixed metals natural wood style guide

If you think using metallic colors can be gaudy or gawky in your home decor proposal, think again. Using metallic tones and fixtures can add a touch of minimalistic elegance that creates a unique decorative presentation. The key word here: balance. Using mixed metals like steel, copper, or gold in your decor scheme can be a tricky choice to implement in living spaces. But that’s why we’re here to make your mixed-metal choices easier with some quick and simple tips to follow.


Spread Evenly

When it comes to mixed-metal quality decor, presentations should be well balanced. This means that you need to choose a dominant hue that you can use to contrast with metallic accents spread evenly across the space. Be careful not to overload with different metals or embellish one section more heavily than the rest. Even distribution is essential for balance. Use your metallics as an accessory in this setting, and you’ll find that combining metals is easier than you might expect!


Rustic Look

Using natural materials with mixed metals can also give a space an amazing energy. Try mixing an industrial metal against a wooden surface for texture. Leather can also be a good material for layering that creates a balance between its hue and a metallic luster. These choices allow for a warm and comfortable look with your mixed metal decor.


Finishing Touches

Want to add a mixed metal look while remaining casual and cozy? Try to add a rug or throw pillow with gold or silver accents. And while you’re at it, combine this with a large centerpiece that has a metallic finish. These small tastes of metal hues in fabric combined with the centerpiece spread and balance out the mixed metal in the space. Not to mention, they bring diversity and richness to the room.


Mixed and Matched

Sometimes mixing many metals in one area can magically make aesthetic sense. A little bit of gold here, silver there, and some copper over there go to work to create a playfully serious decor. Mismatching metallic tones in, say a writer’s desk, against a neutral white or gray-toned walls can look eclectic and exciting.

The largest fear behind using mixed-metals is appearing ostentatious in your decor presentation. Leave your phobia of mixed metals aside and follow this guide to find what right for you when using gold, steel, and copper in your places.