Style Guide: Modern Coffee Table Decor

March 27, 2017 design house plants Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors style guide table setting tabletop decor tabletop styling

Your coffee table is your center piece of your living room, so it deserves a sleek and carefully curated look. Often, your coffee table can become a space for entertaining with hors d’oeuvre, sharing wine with friends and family, or even just a beautiful table to hold essentials such as plants, books, and collectables. Either way, you want to wow your guests with a beautiful modernly decorated coffee table. How do you do this, you ask. Our modern coffee table style guide should be of some help.

Less is More

You want to entertain your guests, not overwhelm them with too much clutter. Keep in mind a spacious tabletop. Leave room for coasters and glasses, possibly plates if you plan on allowing food in your living room. The living room its self should feel inviting and if you’re coffee table is cluttered with junk, it can be not so enjoyable.

Inspirational Books

Books should always be an essential for tabletop decor. They allow people to step inside your mind and see what visually stimulates you. We love to keep an assortment of design books, art books, inspiration and motivational reads, and sometimes even up to date magazine collections. Books are also a great way to engage and spark new conversation.

Plants and Flowers

There is no denying succulents are on every trend list right now, and we’re definitely guilty of enjoying succulents for indoor decorating. Not only are they little maintenance, but with their wide range of color and texture choices, you will surely find something special that coordinates with your color scheme. We also really enjoy a unique and tropical flower selection. Especially in the spring and summertime, you can find some great flowers that aren’t your typical roses and sunflower combination.

One of Ones

If you’re a traveler or someone who is known to pick up little things everywhere you go, try a more curated tabletop. Arrange your one of one pieces in a stylistic way and your tabletop will tell a story. Another way to make your coffee table standout is with a stunning piece of art, like a sculpture. Keep it simple, but meaningful.