Style Guide: Working with Jewel Tones

March 6, 2017 color scheme design emerald green fuchsia Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors jewel tones sapphire sapphire blue style guide

There is no denying that jewel tones are at the top of every 2017 trend list. These rich hues are coming in full throttle and we can’t get enough of them. One of our Noe Valley homes is the perfect example of how to incorporate these precious stones inside your home.

Jewel Prints


If you’re like us, you love a mixture of patterns. Especially if you’re working with a small space, bold colors and patterns can offer dramatic layers of contrast. Wallpaper, rugs, and chairs are a great place to start bringing the jewel tones out.

Bold Beauties


Pick a color(s) that expresses your personality. Be bold and let the colors do the talking for you. In this particular case, we choose to carry the wall color onto the ceiling to give the room a little space to breath.

A Pop of Rich Hues


If you’re going for a sophisticated look the muted areas of your home are where you want to use these hues sparingly. Try adding a light touch of glam to dress the room up. Something soothing and not too energized like a deep lavender.



Accessorizing with one color will keep the room artful yet controlled. If you’re not fully committed to the jewel tones, accessories are much easier to replace than painted walls. Rugs, embellishments, or a tasteful art selection are great examples of ways to get your jewel tone fix.