Styling Your Home Like a Parisian

January 27, 2017 design holiday party decor Inspiration interior design interior styling interiors monochromatic parisian

Paris is known for it’s luxurious and timeless style that combines class, craftsmanship, and sophistication. That Haussmannian finish with high ceilings and moldings highlights the elegance of Parisian interior design. Those irresistible French interiors can be difficult to duplicate in contemporary American settings but are certainly not out of reach if you follow a simple guide to styling your home like a Parisian. With these decor recommendations, your home will be filled with that Parisian je ne sais quoi.

No Bold Colors

The French are typically not into ostentatious colors around the home. The minimalism of the right white with a simple color palette gives their spaces an uncomplicated presence. Use a monochromatic scheme while adding limited color pieces to create contrast. Be sure to capture that true Parisian White, not a blue-based white, which is creamier and cooler than most others.

Show Off the Features

You better be proud of those high ceilings and intricate moldings! If you’ve got ‘em, show them off. Hang curtains high and let them drape down to show off the heavenly heights you have in your home. Let those architectural features shine. Most American homes and offices may not have these details, so you might have to invest moldings to add that extra Parisian touch you’re looking for.

Bronze, Brass, and Glitz

Don’t be afraid of that antique mirror with the brass frame and rich detailing. In Paris, nothing is gaudy. Use it as a centerpiece in a living room to really give it a Parisian feel. Bronze is a great replacement for brass offering the same appeal. These small metallic details contrast well with the creamy white walls. Also, look for furniture and small accessories with these gilded accents. What’s more lively than a brass bust you found at the antique store? Use it, and you’ll see the French influence in your space.

Timeless with Contemporary

Be bold with timeless pieces in your space, invest in antique furniture and blend it with modern compliments. Don’t worry about scuff marks or peeling paint; embrace it and highlight it. The Parisian style is all about combining old with new, and the juxtaposition gives it a distinct vibe that makes any room stand out. Age gives elegance to the room, while contemporary pieces add the liveliness of the city.

The key to a successful French space is all in the details: Lavish cream white walls and vintage accent pieces set against a modern background. Add a large black and white photograph or surrealist painting, and you’re ready for the 1889 World’s Fair. Simple, Elegant, Lively, and Timeless. Remember these guidelines when trying to capture the quintessence of French European interior decor.