Point Olema: Polished atmosphere for a trusted investment firm

IDF Studio created a modern, lofty office space for a team of seasoned portfolio managers, taking inspiration from Scandinavian minimalism as well as the California coast. By maximizing the natural light, enlarging the communal spaces, and strategically camouflaging typical office clutter (like the printers), we maintained a refined, welcoming environment for employees and clients alike.


Point Olema Capital Partners manages investment portfolios for prominent individuals. Their state-of-the-art, light-filled San Francisco office space, housed in a historic building in the Presidio, speaks to the firm’s fusion of modernity and maturity. Light wood floors, white walls, custom energy-efficient lighting, and carefully selected nature-inspired art pieces give the space an airy, organic feel. A wellness room equipped for yoga and meditation is a peaceful getaway for staff, while handsome lounge spaces and an open kitchen lend a hospitality feel for visiting clients.